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Emergency Department

Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care medicine is related to the care of unscheduled patients who require immediate medical treatment. It involves spontaneous decision making and carrying out of actions that are pivotal to prevent further degeneration of the patient's condition. An emergency physician is responsible for providing immediate acknowledgement, evaluating and stabilizing adult and paediatric patients. The EP is supported by a team of clinicians, surgeons and nurses well trained to work under high stress and time sensitive situations.

The New Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital is a Level 1 Tertiary comprehensive centre equipped to deal with every type of urgent life threatening condition. We are of the select few private hospitals in Hyderabad and South India to have a bedded A&E equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for a wide spectrum of patients with acute emergencies for initial evaluation, resuscitation, treatment, investigation, stabilization, monitoring and disposition. Working round the clock, our physicians have access to highly advanced and accurate laboratory and radiology tests. Our New Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital on Wheels Ambulance Service has an efficient and high tech line of ambulances that are available 24*7 to transport critically ill or injured patients.

Our Team

The New Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital of Emergency, Trauma Services & Critical Care leverages well-trained emergency physicians who have immense experience in handling emergency and trauma patients. All nurses are well qualified and ACLS trained. The Emergency Radiology Center is fully functional with Qualified Intensivists, Emergency Personnel, and Emergency Medical Trauma Technicians. This is the only center that has emergency medical services with advanced cardiac and life support ambulances. The centre conducts regular mock drills for handling mass casualties on periodic basis. The center also trains emergency physicians and trauma technicians guiding them to educate the general public and ORR patrolling police on handling trauma patients.


As one of the largest Accident and Emergency Departments in the country, New Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital Institute of Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care Medicine has the ability to handle all medical and surgical emergencies, including trauma and toxicological cases.


  • Cardiac & Stroke Units are available 24x7 to respond to any emergency.
  • A dynamic Masters in Emergency Medicine Course with doctors qualified M.D in Emergency Medicine as teaching faculty offers residents the opportunity to practice amidst the brightest medical talent in the country.
  • International Triage System is followed with an Advanced Resuscitation Room that provides round-the-clock emergency care.
  • A well equipped ambulance line led by EMRI certified teams.


  • Ultra-modern Single room ICUs are fully equipped with the latest ventilators, monitoring devices and other life support devices to provide the best care.
  • Operation theatres with seamless modular systems, controlled air and 3D monitoring systems provide an optimum environment for our surgeons and staff in patient care.
  • Highly qualified critical care specialist doctors provide round the clock care to patients.
  • Visitor facilities for patient families are conveniently provided.