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Clinical Laboratory Services

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics is responsible for carrying out every regular and esoteric lab test like Bio-chemistry, immuno-assay, microbiology & serology, hispathology among others.

Clinical Laboratory Services

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics is responsible for carrying out every regular and esoteric lab test under Bio-chemistry, immuno-assay, microbiology & serology, hispathology among others.

Some of the outstanding features of our lab are:

  • Best in class fully automated, walkway molecular diagnostic equipment that aid in viral load testing (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, CMV) and Cancer Gene Testing and monitoring.
  • World-class flow cytometry platform for Blood Cancer Testing, stem cell enumeration for bone marrow transplants, HIV treatment monitoring (CD4/CD8 Counts) etc.
  • Advanced Cytogenic equipment that aid in diagnosis of genetic disorders and cancer.
  • Automated HLA crossmatch and typing platform to support bone marrow transplant and renal transplant programmes.
  • Top of the line gene sequencing platforms for next generation gene screening for cancer screening and diagnosis

Advanced Diagnostics- Molecular:

  • This system allows automated real-time amplification and detection of DNA or RNA for up to two assays at the same time
  • For Viral load testing and PCR based molecular diagnostics in hematological malignancies

Advanced Diagnostics- Flow Cytometry:

  • A high flow rate is generally used for measurements such as immunophenotyping, for which data is less resolved but is acquired more quickly. A lower flow rate is generally used in applications for which optimal resolution and sensitivity are critical.

Cobas Modular 6000- Immunoassay + Routine Chemistry:

  • Immunoassay testing using high sensitive ECL technology
  • High quality results obtained by ensuring sample and result integrity
  • Innovative spectrum of tests on a standardized, automated platform
  • The test throughput of Cobas® 6000 analyzer series ranges from 170 up to 2170 test per hour

Roche E411 Analyser:

  • Through put -Up to 86 tests/hour
  • Self contained bench top analyzer comprising an analytical unit and a customized user interface

D10 Haemoglobin Testing System- BioRad

  • For the measurement of Hb-A1c, Hb -A2, Hb-F & other common haemoglobinopathies as Hb-S, Hb-C, Hb-D & Hb-E
  • HPLC methodology provides superior precision & chromatographic analysis
  • Three minutes analysis time for Hb-A1c & 6.5 min analysis time for Hb -A2, Hb-F, Hb-S, Hb-C, Hb-D & Hb-E


Integrated Validation Station

    • Automatic validation according to user setting
    • Comprehensive Delta check flagging
    • Possible to input manual differentials including abnormal cells

Automatic Sample Re-run

    • A second analysis is performed immediately and automatically by the Pentra XL 80. This is dependent on the sample re0rin criteria established by the user

CDR (Customized Dilution ratio)

    • Samples that are beyond the linear range of the instrument are automatically detected, diluted and re-run for extended linearity results. 3 different dilution ratios are available (1/2, 1/3, 1/5)

Micro Sampling

    • Only 30 uL in CBS or 53 uL in CBC + DIFF with ABX patented MDSS technology (Multi Distribution Sampling System)


  • The STA Compact® is a fully automated, bench top, Homeostasis' analyzer for clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays using random access mode
  • Designed for mid-volume throughput laboratories, the STA Compact® is suitable for use in routine and specialty Haemostasis testing
  • Capable of testing esoteric menu like bleeding and thrombophilic disorders


Automated Bacterial culture system

  • Bac T ALERT delivers results as half of the time required by conventional sterility test methods, drastically reducing TAT
  • Lowest false positive rate and detect most rapid organisms to any other system with greater accuracy
  • Automated bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing system


  • Advanced Histopathology division with Leica instruments for tissue processing, embedding, sectioning and automated immunohistochemistry stainiers from ventana XT (From Roche).